Pet-friendly restaurant in Donostia San Sebastian

The weekend is a good time to spend time with our furry friend and also to eat on a good terrace in Donostia San Sebastian. The city offers a wide variety of plans and delicious restaurants to spend a good day, but where can we eat that is dog-friendly?

When you think of restaurants, you probably don’t think of pet-friendly establishments. But if you are looking for a good place to enjoy a tasty meal with your best friend, don’t hesitate to try Igeldo restaurant in Donostia.

Our restaurant has patient and friendly waiters and cooks, who will be delighted to welcome you and your pet. We allow your pet to accompany you throughout the meal and we have different drinking bowls available. So if you are looking for an exceptional place to enjoy a delicious meal with your pet, don’t hesitate to try Igeldo restaurant in Donostia San Sebastian.

Dog friendly restaurant in Donostia San Sebastian

It is quite possible that the fact of having to leave your pet at home every time you go out to eat breaks your heart. Believe it or not, eating with a dog in Donostia San Sebastián is easy, at Restaurante Igeldo we have a terrace with a very complete restaurant service.

We know how important it is to get out of the house with our pets so that they also enjoy the day and have as much fun as their owners.

We are waiting for you at Restaurante Igeldo and don’t forget to ask for water for your pet, we will be happy to bring it to you!

Check availability to eat in our restaurant with your pet in Donostia San Sebastian.